The Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (UNGS), created in 1993, adopted as a principle, the relation between training, critical research of problems, which affect the society and the search for action alternatives to overcome those problems.


It intends to contribute to democratisation of education and the access to knowledge to every sector of the society, and looks for academic excellence. Additionally it maintains a strict policy of position competition; proposing centralised strategies of learning in the students, to whom they offer opportunities of personalised training, and encouragement, at the same time, the use of interdisciplinary and integrated lab models that broaden the professional perspective.


The University assumes a pedagogical experience centred on assuring a solid basic and specific training of students.


This permits the students to access theoretical knowledge and up-to-date information about critical issues, indispensable to develop their carer in different institutional areas and, eventually, progress to postgraduate studies. In this framework, the University offers: free special degrees; nationally recognised titles; economic scholarships; personalised tutorial support; modern and efficient public access library and quality academic premises.


Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Campus Universitario 1150 Juan M. Gutiérrez St. (B1613GSX)
Los Polvorines
Buenos Aires Province
Telephone: (54 11) 4469-7795 / http: