Combinatorics and analysis of algorithms in number theory, information theory and cryptography


This group is an axe of the CNRS International Associated Laboratory INFINIS.

It is conducted by a group composed by three teams: two teams based in South America (Montevideo and Buenos-Aires) and one team based in France (inside the GREYC Laboratory at the University of Caen).

This project lies inside the domain of “Mathematical Informatics”. It focuses on the probabilistic analysis of some algorithms and combinatorial structures which are central in Computional Number Theory, Information Theory and Cryptography. We will mainly use analytic combinatorics methodology. Very often we use specific methods of Dynamical Combinatorics which mixes the general methods of Analytic Combinatorics with other methods that come from Dynamical Systems Theory.


  • Alfredo Viola (Universidad de la República)

Ph. D. students

  • Nardo Giménez (IDH-UNGS)
  • Pablo Rotondo