Project Alea En AmSud 2016-2017

STIC-South America scientific-technological cooperation programme

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Abstract Alea En AmSud is a research project financed by the STIC-AmSud programme. It is conducted by a group composed by three teams: two teams based in South America (Montevideo and Buenos-Aires) and one team based in France (inside the GREYC Laboratory at the University of Caen).

This project lies inside the domain of “Mathematical Informatics”. It focuses on the probabilistic analysis of some algorithms and combinatorial structures which are central in Computional Number Theory, Information Theory and Cryptography. We will mainly use analytic combinatorics methodology. Very often we use specific methods of Dynamical Combinatorics which mixes the general methods of Analytic Combinatorics with other methods that come from Dynamical Systems Theory.

This project first aims at studying problems of methodological and fundamental flavour, which are of great interest for the foundations of dynamical combinatorics. We then aim at studying important problems on algorithms or combinatorial structures of various types which deal with integer numbers, polynomials, sources, words, data structures which contain words, and also some basic objects or problems which play an important role in cryptography. A major challenge is to “jump” to multi-dimensional problems and adapt our tools in order to make advances in the probabilistic analysis of planar Sturmian words, multi-dimensional continued fractions and the celebrated LLL algorithm.


Members of Amacc team (Equipe Algorithmique, Modèles de calcul, Aléa, Cryptographie, Complexité) GREYC Lab, (Groupe de Recherche en Informatique, Image, Automatique et Instrumentation de Caen) in the University of Caen associated with the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Coordinator: Brigitte Vallée

Integrantes: Ali AkhaviJulien Clément – Jean-Marie Le Bars – Loïck LhoteValérie Berthé (LIAFA, Paris)

Uruguay, research team conducted by Afredo Viola INCO, Dpto. de Ingeniería de la Universidad de la República.

Argentina , Members of Instituto del Desarrollo Humano, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento.

Coordinator: Eda Cesaratto

Members: Antonio Cafure – Nardo Giménez

Ph. D Students: Pablo Rotondo (France – Uruguay)