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  • Knowing more about metals, microbes and environment interactions: How to improve wastewater biotreatments;  M. Barrionuevo, M.A. Daniel, L. Garavaglia, N. López, N. Méndez, G. Sosa, R. Candal, S. Cerdeira, H. Ceretti, S. Ramírez, E. Reciulschi, A. Zalts y D. Vullo. En: Bioremediation: Biotechnology, Engineering and Environmental Management, Capítulo 13, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-61122-730-7, 2011.


  • Environmental pesticide distribution in horticultural and floricultural periurban production units.  Giselle A. Querejeta, Laura M. Ramos, Andrea P. Flores, Enrique A. Hughes, Anita  Zalts, y M. Montserrat. Aceptado para su publicación en Chemosphere (diciembre 2011)


  • Pesticide risk assessment in flower greenhouses in Argentina: The importance of manipulating concentrated products. Andrea P. Flores, Giselle A. Berenstein, Enrique A. Hughes, Anita Zalts, Javier M. Montserrat, Journal of Hazardous Materials 189, 222-228, 2011.


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  •  Metales, ambiente y las sociedades tecnológicas: ¿hacia dónde nos dirigimos?”, A. Zalts;  Química Viva, 10 (2), 2011.


  •  Differential diffusion effects on buoyancy-driven instabilities of acid-base fronts: the case of a color indicator. S. Kuster, L.A. Riolfo, A. Zalts, C. El Hasi, C. Almarcha, P.M.J. Trevelyan, A. De Wit y A. D´Onofrio. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2011, 13, 17295-17303.




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  • Potential Dermal Exposure in greenhouses for manual sprayers: analysis of the mix/load, application and re-entry stages. Laura M. Ramos, Giselle A. Querejeta, Andrea P. Flores, Enrique A. Hughes, Anita Zaltsy Javier M. Montserrat. Science of the Total Environment, 408(19), 4062-4068, 2010.


  • 2-C-Methyluridine modified hammerhead ribozyme against the Estrogen Receptor a. Rodrigo Pontiggia, Osvaldo Pontiggia, Marina Simianb Javier M. Montserrat, Joachim W. Engels, Adolfo M. Iribarren. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 20 2806-2808, 2010.


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