Pesticidas MontserratEl químico Javier Monstserrat, investigador docente del Instituto de Ciencias de la UNGS, escribió un artículo para el portal Atlas of Science sobre el impacto del uso de grandes cantidades de plásticos y pesticidas la actividad hortícola.

Plastics in horticultural soils. Does it matters?
Horticulture is an important periurban activity that provides fresh fruit and vegetables to big cities. It has increased its productivity due to two different techniques: plastic sheeting and pesticide application. Plastic (mainly polyethylene) film is used in greenhouses, tunnels and mulched surfaces to protect vegetables and fruit against weather inclemency, and to control weed and moisture. To picture the huge amounts of plastic used in horticulture, we can mention that China, Japan and South Korea employ annually 700000 tons of polyethylene for plastic sheeting.