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Incidencias de la capacitacion para el trabajo en las trayectorias laborales ...

Incidencias de la capacitacion para el trabajo en las trayectorias laborales de mujeres jovenes de bajos recursos

The thesis analyzes the incidences that two vocational training programmes produce on young women labour trajectories from low and medium-low social backgrounds. The analysis, based on the incidences of training programmes, refers, in a broad sense, to the different ways in which young women appropriates the learning and resources offered by the training institutions and focuses on the “encounter” between different trajectory profiles and different institutional characteristics. The research is based on 18 interviews with young women from a wide age range (18 to 32 years old) with different educational levels and labour experiences, that graduated from two selected training programmes between 2005 and 2008. Both training programmes (one is an NGO from Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the other is a Vocational Training Institution from Partido de Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires) have been selected in terms of their contrasts from a previous survey. The field work was complemented with non-participant observations in the training institutions and 8 interviews with their teachers and principals.
The study analyzes, in first place, the institutional characteristics and the intervention horizons of both training programmes. It gives centrality to their gender approaches, showing that in one case, training is oriented toward “gender equality” and in the other case towards “gender difference”. This is related to broader perspectives on the way they conceive young women and men labour insertion problems.
In second place, the study analyzes the objective and subjective characteristics of young women labour trajectories, and the changes and continuities after the training experience. Trajectories have been grouped since young women’s “relationship to activity” (category based on collected data that refers to the willingness of young women towards the labour sphere). From this grouping, different incidences have been recognized for one of each trajectory profile (commitment, exploration, and search for socialization). The thesis shows an existing relationship between the different recognized incidences, the institutional characteristics and different labour trajectories, outlining the diverse meanings woven around training for work experiences within young women.


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